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Dr. Mohamed Badran Contacts:

Tel:(202) 33366549 - (202) 33370525

Cell: 0102412103

Professor Dr. Mohamed M. Badran graduated from Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 1967. Dr. Badran has been deeply versed in law academically & practically. On the academic plane, Dr.  Badran obtained his first master’s in law from Cairo University in 1969. In 1975, he had his second master’s degree from Birmingham University, the University from which he had his PH.D in 1979. Dr. Badran has been a Professor of law for a number of Universities & institutions. Additionally, Dr. Badran in his role as a legal jurist, is an author for more than 25 books and a considerable number of legal articles. 

While on the practical plane, Dr. Badran, along his Professional life, have had a broad experience in Commercial law, Shipping, Petroleum, Construction and Gov. Contracts. Dr. Badran has raised his office to an outstanding position  not only in local arbitration, but also international arbitration administered by the major arbitral institutions and centers as (London Court for International Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce and Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration), the fact for which Dr. Badran is frequently selected to preside  a number of Arbitral tribunals in a major domestic as well as international commercial disputes. Further, Dr. Badran is a member of the “Advisory Committee” for Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. 

In the Course of his practice before national courts, Dr. Badran handled major litigation Cases, especially, those brought before Conseil d’Ėtat.

Download PDF version of Dr. Mohamed Badran Resume

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